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Tony Milles, Mortgage Broker

February 21, 2020
1 Year Closed : 3.19 %
3 Year Closed : 2.64 %
5 Year Closed : 2.69 %
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As an OMAC Mortgage Broker, Tony Milles helps people get the best financing possible for their real estate transaction in St Thomas, London and across Canada.


With more than 16 years experience in financial services, he brings a wealth of insight and in-depth knowledge to help individuals and their families enjoy home ownership.


As an Accredited Mortgage Professional, he will determine your specific mortgage financing requirements, negotiate with the lenders on your behalf, get you the most competitive rates and will offer you the widest choice of mortgage options.


He will counsel you on credit and mortgage qualifications, offer efficient and highly personalized service and help you every step of the way.


The good news is that there is no cost to you for his services for standard mortgage financing - the selected lender pays OMAC to source the mortgage. You benefit from his access to a long list of lenders, market knowledge, exceptional negotiation skills as well as his commitment to highly personalized service.


Whether you’re a first time or repeat buyer or want to renew or refinance your existing mortgage, Tony can negotiate the best mortgage on your behalf.


Why wait? Access your mortgage options today.

No matter what type of mortgage financing you’re looking for, it makes sense to speak with Tony first. He can meet you at your convenience. If you have any questions please call him at
519-207-8669, email him at tony@omac.ca 

Tony Milles
18 Blue Heron Place
St Thomas, ON
N5R 6J6
Phone: 519-207-8669
Fax: 519-488-4734
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